The Case of the Mysterious Disappearing Blog

During lockdown my focus has been hard to maintain. My mind flits off in all directions, making creating anything meaningful a challenge. The writing of blogs completely disappeared from my mental ‘to do’ list. I mean, everyone’s got enough on their plates, right now, without me wittering on as well…

But the other day I got all keen, wrote a blog about whether or not we’re getting a handle on the virus situation (not really), or whether we are like those people at the beginning of pretty much every apocalyptical film I’ve ever watched. You know the ones, carrying on as if nothing is wrong whilst the massive tsunami builds, or the volcano ramps itself up, or the zombies gather in a disused quarry hemmed in by little more than a conveniently placed burnt out car.

I published the blog, went to check how it looked, and ‘pouf’ – it was nowhere to be seen. I expect I did something wrong, pressed the wrong button or whatever. It’s probably hovering in the ether somewhere, wondering why nobody loves it. But I love a good conspiracy theory, so you can imagine where my thoughts went next.

To cheer myself up, I watched ‘World War Z’. I mean, there’s nothing more uplifting than realising things could be so much worse. Plus, it stars Brad Pitt (with too much hair, in my opinion. And his jaw isn’t quite Rob Lowe chiselled, but I made do…)

And then I went to the wholesalers, and stocked up. Just in case. We now have enough rice for about five years. The dog has Bonio treats galore, and I couldn’t find a bigger pot of hot chocolate powder in the place.

I did leave the powdered milk on the shelf. I didn’t want to be totally fatalistic. I mean, they’ll sort this thing out, right?

Maybe I should have got the milk…

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