Austen in Lockdown

A while ago, I entered a short story competition – the inspiration being Jane Austen’s 465 word short entitled ‘The Beautifull Cassandra’. I didn’t win – boo, hiss – but that means I get to put it on my blog instead… 🙂 I hope you enjoy it: ‘ Mrs Reynolds bustled in, placing the day’sContinue reading “Austen in Lockdown”

The Case of the Mysterious Disappearing Blog

During lockdown my focus has been hard to maintain. My mind flits off in all directions, making creating anything meaningful a challenge. The writing of blogs completely disappeared from my mental ‘to do’ list. I mean, everyone’s got enough on their plates, right now, without me wittering on as well… But the other day IContinue reading “The Case of the Mysterious Disappearing Blog”

How you know when you’ve hit middle age…

We have just enjoyed a very family-orientated Christmas – the format is one day with his family, the other with mine, in an uber-fair yearly rotation. And luckily we all get on well enough for the days to proceed without the need to spill anyone’s blood. This year, however, was the first time I trulyContinue reading “How you know when you’ve hit middle age…”

Christmas on a Postcard

One of the churches in a local town (small city really – it has got a cathedral) holds a Christmas Tree Festival every December. Organisations from the local area create or decorate a tree in any way they see fit. This year the display included a tree made from Amazon boxes, with nativity scenes heldContinue reading “Christmas on a Postcard”

A Screeching of Brakes

I think I need to say thank you to a power far greater than me for my safe deliverance home just now. Tootling home in the car from a Tuesday morning social spent with writing buddies turned into something which could quite happily have resembled a scene from one of the Mad Max films. NeedingContinue reading “A Screeching of Brakes”

One Mouse, Many Mice

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a blog about the vagaries of the English language and its spelling, although I’m sure there are plenty of those around. No, this one is about actual mice. With their bright, glassy, black eyes, ever-moving noses and tiny little paws – what’s not to like? And at thisContinue reading “One Mouse, Many Mice”