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Being one of the least observant people I know, writing a blog about pertinent things I’ve noticed could be a struggle. Let’s see how it goes…

Between reality and fantasy lies the place I like the best. I could even make it real, if I try hard enough.

  • Responsible Self-Publishing

    16th May 2021 by

    I got ‘book mail’ today, and I am excited – a couple of books have arrived which I can’t wait to get stuck into. Both are self-published. Both look awesome. I read a wide variety of genres, styles, and authors. I love everything from Jane Austen to Terry Pratchett, via Elly Griffiths, Mick Herron and… Read more

  • The Case of the Mysterious Disappearing Blog

    16th Sep 2020 by

    During lockdown my focus has been hard to maintain. My mind flits off in all directions, making creating anything meaningful a challenge. The writing of blogs completely disappeared from my mental ‘to do’ list. I mean, everyone’s got enough on their plates, right now, without me wittering on as well… But the other day I… Read more

  • My First Blog Post

    12th Nov 2019 by

    Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. The blank computer screen with its blinking cursor is intimidating enough when I’m starting to write a new novel. Chapter 1, Page 1. Gulp. But that’s nothing compared to staring at this blank page… Fiction is a walk in the park compared to trying to… Read more

  • Writing, Award Ceremonies and Comfort Zones

    10th Aug 2022 by

    Sometimes I can be a bit slow on the uptake… No, I hear you cry, not you – you’re the epitome of quick-wittedness. Nothing gets past your razor-sharp brain… Well, sorry to disillusion you, my lovely reader, but sometimes I totally allow things to slip the net. I’ve never been one to stand in the… Read more

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